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Inspired by a short and witty article I read about life before the internet, although these problems are never something I actually had the experience of witnessing, they do remind me of old movie scenes (you know the ones where the smallest mistake has a massive consequence to the protagonists life and everything starts to go wrong for them.)

The humor in the article really caught my attention and this little illustration started as a few visual scenes I conjured up whilst reading. Now I'm not saying the internet has solved these issues, our important emails still end up in our junk box, sat-navs never get you quite to the door and I certainly still can't find every single episode of a TV show quickly. But...I am interested in the comparison with our modern lives, the physicality of each of the problems I explored struck me. If I were to illustrate this again, post internet I wonder if most of the scenes would involve sitting starting at devices and not actually being in the world around us? The internet has not only changed the way we solve problems but changed the problems we are faced with.

I am planning to go on to explore other areas of our lives in which the internet has changed our routines, beliefs, and actions. 

Please let me know what you think and if you would like to talk more about this topic:

Yes, I'm a Designer Collaboration! 

This week I got the chance to collaborate with Martin Perhiniak founder of Yes I'm a Designer, he invited me to join him on his weekly live stream to help him design a movie poster using various Photoshop techniques. Before the steam started we had no idea how the poster would turn out and planned several ways in which our audience could get involved with design choices and the composition itself. Communicating through youtube's chat feature meant that I was able to talk to viewers in real time, it felt amazing getting live feedback about a piece of design we were creating, although it was my first ever video for youtube, I loved it and really hope it won't be my last!


Check it out here: and for more awesome content sign up! 

Cosy Club Guess The Logo!cosy-logos

Cosy Club has 20 different locations throughout England and each site has it's own personal logo (a lot of work for the design team right!) When new employees start it's important for them to be aware of the sites in the chain and their visual identity, to put them through their paces I was asked to create three fake Cosy logos to use to put the new recruits through their paces! What do you think would you be fooled? Check out the real logos here and let me know what you think!

Cosy Clubs Bar Bible

One of my favorite projects so far, again for the fabulous Cosy Club! They have a very committed team who love getting customer service and hospitality technique spot on! My brief was to re-design the bar bible, a book which details all the information you need to keep the bar running at the highest level, including how to make cocktails, preparation for shift, what needs to be behind the bar at all times and some really fun stuff like how to make rose water or maple and pecan infused Bourbon. I consider myself a bit of an expert now!

Awesome project to work on, thanks, Cosy!

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is about showing support to mental health issues within our society, just because the illnesses are not physically visible doesn't mean it's not affecting thousands of people every day. Findings from NetCan social research reveal that 'one adult in six had a common mental disorder.' This is such an important topic to discuss and be open about, how can we all help each other?

Paramore's New Album

Paramore's new album released today! (12th May) and it's a serious throwback. At least in visual terms! It's pastel palette and accompanying graphics are straight outta the 80's! This is an example of Album art following current design trends, what do you think?

Our Generation- Series Bible 

This project was commissioned by a local writer, he has created a script for a new series named Our Generation, based in the 1960's culture of Mods and Rockers. The series follows a young gay male on a journey of self-discovery. The design for the series bible (a document which explains the premise of the series, introduces the characters in depth and details the first, second and third series) needed to be clean and sharp like the suits the Mods wore but still have a suggestion of the danger and gritty nature of the time and narrative of the series. This is page 1 of 30, get in touch if you would like to see more!

What I'm Reading

The Annual copy of Creative Review dropped through my door this week, to my surprise another month has already past! This is always an exciting issue and it's fab to see the best work of the last year all collated in one place, something I have become very interested in packaging design this year and there are some examples which really got me thinking about this issue. You know the ones you wish you had thought of!

The first of which is this amazing idea for soft drink Orangina, a drink which needs to be shaken to be enjoyed at its best but something people often forget to do it! So the genius answer for this problem? Place the opening of the can on the bottom of the can so the consumer has to flip the product to open it! So simple yet so genius!

Working for Typetasting 

I recently headed up to London to see Sarah Hyndman founder of Typetasting, she asked me to work for her helping to run one of her fab workshops for 22 Austrian Graphic Design Students and the day was all about TYPE! The workshop was a mixture of theory and practical work and it was incredible to see how the theory Sarah was teaching influenced the work the students started to produce. The students work developed throughout the day and it was amazing to see the difference between their initial work in the morning, which was based on a brief they had to complete before the workshop. Their understanding of how powerful an influence typography can have on the brain really got the students thinking about its application to their work and in only a few hours they approached a very similar brief completely differently. They considered what connotations the typeface could have, how the kerning and size and shape of the letters convey meaning to a viewer and in this case potential target audience. At the final critic for the day every student could explain why they had drawn a certain typeface, describe its characteristics and how it supported their brand and its message.

And any imagery was a big NO NO.



As a young designer not only was it a fantastic opportunity to work with Sarah and continue to learn about Typetasting and her ongoing work and research but it was fantastic to work with a group of creative students, to help develop their ideas, discuss what they have learnt, how they will apply it to their future design work and generally just have a good chat with a completely new group of people to see how our culture differ's to theirs- did you know that Australians don't use the phrase 'out on the pull' and they couldn't believe how many different supermarket brands we have, to much choice!

Like the sound of this fab workshop, full of fun type based games and the potential to change the way you view and use type within your own work check out:

Four-page spread for magazine Open Sauce 

Just over a week ago I blogged about Open Sauce and the spreads I had designed for the event, I got a hold of the copy of the magazine at the event. It was great to see the magazine as a whole with different designers working on each different story and the diversity of the styles makes for a really interesting piece of editorial.

Poster Commission

Commissioned poster design, given as a big congratulation to someone who scored a job at a big retail brand? Any idea what brand?

Exciting Opportunities! 
screen-shot-2017-04-12-at-21-59-24 screen-shot-2017-04-12-at-22-00-02

In January this year, I attended a networking event in Bournemouth which invited guest speakers to give fast and fantastic talks about their inspirations, businesses or anything they found really interesting. The atmosphere was was relaxed but still buzzing with conversation and new ideas and I found myself wanting to get more involved in such an event. It brought the creative community together and created a space in which everyone could talk and perhaps even collaborate in completely new ways!

During the evening I met Leanne Kent who works for the event organizers (Think Create Do) she added me to a list of graphic designers that work on spreads for the magazine associated with the event, what a fab opportunity to get involved! In early March I received an amazing article along with a brief from Leanne and got to work! This was a lovely project to work on as I was given lots of creative freedom but with clear guidelines and deadlines. I wanted to create a visual style which really captured the essence of the article whilst making sure to keep the content itself the main focus for a viewer/reader. 

With the next event fast approaching, I have seen the above tweets on my feed this week and have to say it's really exciting to scroll past something I have worked on! I would encourage anyone who enjoys creative conversation, creative ideas and maybe a little alcohol (or a lot) to attend the upcoming event- check out their twitter account @OpenSauceUK. Hopefully see you there!

Back to basics- Logo Design 

Gaining a new client is always exciting! And after meeting the owner of the company, it's obvious she is so passionate about her company and her work. I want to do this passion justice whilst creating an identity for the company so I wanted to start by expressing organic shapes with ink. And I had the most amazing afternoon doing so! I felt very rewarded knowing I was starting to create something that would mean a lot to a small and growing company and could help them to grow and create more business. I also loved the creative process and how relaxed I felt creating basic primal shapes on a sunny afternoon!

Stay posted for more! 
This Months Creative Review THE FOOD ISSUE!

When I found this in my porch last week I immediately wanted to call in sick and spend the day with excellent coffee and this month's Creative Review. Food is a topic I am extremely interested in, I have explored individuals relationship to food and the way it fits into their lifestyle. I think marketing and design have played a massive part in the way we see food, I also think it could help be a massive force for change in a society where we seem confused about what to eat and what is good for our bodies, especially through the medium of food packaging. This issue didn't focus directly on the topics I have mentioned but I was still completely gripped. Especially by this article about food markets in Mumbai.


Initially the amazing photography caught my eye and then I started to read about the whole culture around shopping and how different it is, customers go to the same food vendors for years, food is displayed as it comes with no packaging and customers are used to being able to shop for exactly what they need, unrestricted by set amounts of food within packages and if something does have to package it's less likely to sell because people believe it will be more expensive. If you get the chance give it a read, such a different way to shop and interact with food compared to how the Western world consumer products, I have to admit I am the first to be swayed by a piece of beautiful packaging, I wonder how different my basket would look if I shopped purely based on how the food looked? If you get the chance have a read and see what you think!

Pancake Day Poster

How did yours turn out? Mine looked about as good as this little fella so not one for the Instagram hall of fame! Although pancakes have been featured in cookery books since 1439 so I'm sure it could have been worse, I bet yours looked amazing!

Vinyl Type, Label Designs for Sarah Hyndman

This was a project I helped with whilst working with Sarah Hyndman for a week at her Type Tasting studio. The above labels were created in collaboration with Sarah for 'Letterform Live.' The aim of the game was to guess the genre of the music purely from the type face used on the label, then you play the vinyl to see if you guessed it right! My favorite part of this project was listening to all the awesome music from Abba to ACDC, what really surprised me was how easy it was to associate the personality of a typeface with a song/ music genre. Check out Type Tasting to learn more about what Sarah does and her company!

Valentines Card/Poster

This fun little project was all about creating a personal gift with a little humor, the small details added to the design make it easily customisable and individual for that personal touch. Hopefully, it made someone smile, Valentines has moved on from just cuddly bears, everyone has stepped up their game!

Let me know what you think?

Freelance CosyClub Cocktail Project

I loved the aim of this project- design cocktail flashcards for the new 2017 Summer Menu which fit with the brand style but most importantly improve the amount of time it takes a bar tender to learn and create the new cocktails. These cards need to communicate a lot of information quickly, in a high pressure, fast service environment.

The main design problem was how the bartender would use this card, how could they quickly recognize what glass they needed to use, how the cocktail needed to be built and how the cocktail needed to be served. The old version of these cards had small categories; glass, method, ingredients. All of the information was small and not easy to read in a hurry, it also involved a lot of reading and alternating between looking at the ingredients and method to understand how to build the cocktail. I wanted to eradicate these problems so the user could instantly recognize the key information to making each drink. And of course I got involved to make sure I understood exactly how each cocktail was made, a few drinks always helps!

Want to know more or have a similar project? Drop me an email.