Experimental Typography and Editorial

Editorial Design Morag Myerscough Typradio Interview The project centred around letter forms, these were produced by first creating physical versions. This involved cutting out individual words and rearranging them into new forms. From this point they were scanned into photoshop and digitally manipulated, then printed onto coloured sugar paper, positioned and photographed to achieve the end result. The concept was to explore how form effects the readability and meaning of words. The text for the editorial piece was a transcript of Morag Myerscoughs interview with Typeradio, the project was born out of her passion for typography and the way it influences how we understand text and meaning. The aim was to create a design which accurately visualises and explores Morag's work and passion which she discusses in the body text.   L1000819L1000821 Editorial Spreads Editorial Spreads Emily T R indd3 Emily T R indd4 Emily T R indd5 Emily T R indd6