This Is Me


Hi I'm Emily, 

Welcome to my website! I am a freelance designer who is passionate about the entire creative process and am most excited when developing ideas. I strive to build strong, long lasting relationships with clients to enable me to understand the core values of the company and what they do. I'm very hands on and think that it is vital to understand as much as possible about a project the business and the market they are in. I have found this approach produces the best design solutions, as I'm more aware of how the design elements will be seen or used day to day.  My main aim is to create branding which can grow with a company as it develops.
A Bit More About Me! 

While I'm not designing, I love to read, write and occasionally book bind. I have a massive interest in/addiction to coffee...which does come in useful on a tight deadline. And now the sun is back I like to think I'm alright at long boarding!

Finally... I would really like to hear from you, please get in touch! 07540520169 @EmilyFlo94